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Guided tour and tickets to the Vatican Museums

A visit to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel is a must for anyone visiting Rome.

It is important to book your ticket or tour well in advance, as the museum is often crowded and lines can be very long.

Vatican Museum Tickets

Choose guided tour with skip-the-line ticket

To gain access from Monday to Saturday to the museum, you need to book a ticket, but to secure priority access, the best choice is to opt for a guided tour with a ” skip-the-line ticket,” which provides faster and stress-free access to the halls.

What to see Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

Among the rooms not to be missed on your journey to the Sistine Chapel are the Raphael Rooms and the Gallery of Maps, two very fascinating rooms. The Candelabra Gallery and the Cortile della Pigna are two other places worth a visit.

Inside the Vatican Museums is also the Pinacoteca, which houses a vast collection of paintings ranging from the Middle Ages to the 1800s, absolute masterpieces by Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Perugino and Caravaggio .

In addition, there are also numerous collections of antiquities, including Egyptian, Greco-Roman, and Etruscan, and the spiral staircase, a spectacular spiral staircase designed by Giuseppe Momo that leads you out of the Museums.

When to visit the Vatican Museums for free

If you have the chance to visit Rome on the first Sunday of the month, you can enjoy a free visit to all of the city’s museums, including the Vatican Museums.

Also visit St. Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum

One cannot leave Rome without visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and the famous Colosseum, two other symbols of the eternal city.

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